Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paul Epstein's Diet Challenge

Friends and Family,
          This is going to sound like a commercial; for that I apologize in advance, but I'm not following a script and stand to gain nothing except (I hope) better health for myself and my friends. No secret, I've been overweight for years. I am not a serial dieter, but have tried a few over the years, and like most people, I've lost some weight on diets (up to 25 lbs. over a period of months of dieting) only to gain it back. In the last 20 years (ages 40-60) I've been between 192 and 212 pounds. I'm currently 209. According to the "Ideal Weight Calculator" at my ideal weight is between 150-165 for my age depending on which of five best known formulas you agree with. Taking the top number, I would have to lose 44 pounds to reach it. Today, I am beginning a diet plan that I heard a doctor/researcher talk about on the radio. I bought the book and have only read the introduction, but I've decided to follow it and make it public (the public part has nothing to do with the doctor or book's recommendations, just something I've decided).
              According to the book, in clinical studies, the average amount of weight lost using this plan was 14 pounds in three months. Therefore, if I follow the diet, I should be able to lose 44 pounds in about 9 months (by August 2014). Now, here's the point of this post. From what I've read, this diet, which in terms of what you eat takes from other well-known popular diets, but what makes it different is that more people can stick to it, shed the pounds, and keep them off over time. So, while I'm not telling you what the diet is, friends, I want to issue a challenge. IF this diet works for me (I will post my weight weekly), I challenge you to make a commitment (if you feel you would be healthier by losing some weight) to try it out if it works for me. You can make that commitment by replying here publicly (or later to one of my diet updates) or in a private message or e-mail to me. If you make the commitment, and if I am successful, I will buy you the book (at least for the first 100 people who accept my challenge). I'll decide by February 1, 2014 if the diet is something I can support, and if I'll therefore purchase the books by then if I do.
              So, do you accept Paul Epstein's diet challenge? I'm going to post this to my blog as well…whether you take the challenge or not, need to lose weight or not, please wish me luck with a comment and cheer me on, because, after all, surely all of may friends and family would like me to be healthier and (presumably) live a longer and happier life.

note: I ended up with purchasing 8 books for friends and mailed them out before I made my announcement on 11/24/13. The book is titled, The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week, Eat Normally for Five by Dr. Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell


  1. Hey there. I accept your challenge!

  2. Okay! I plan to post updates once a week, so stay tuned.