Saturday, September 25, 2010

Katrina and her Little Sister Rita by Paul Epstein

Katrina and her Little Sister by Paul Epstein
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I wrote and recorded this song not long after the disasters that were hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. In such a time of tragedy that destroyed so much -- homes, lives, and ways of life, I felt like one more sad, depressing song was not called for. Instead, I took inspiration from the blues and jazz traditions of New Orleans and wrote something that would celebrate the resiliency and the strength of the region. I gave it a "Poke Salad Annie" feel and dusted off my synth guitar to play the bass and the electric leads. The song was used in a book of stories about Katrina called "Katrina in their Own Words" by the Southeast Louisiana Writing Project. Whenever I sing it for an audience, I get everyone to echo the chorus lines. It's always fun, and great for dancing. Here are the lyrics:

Katrina, and her Little Sister Rita
©Paul Epstein, 2006
Down in Southern Lousianna, the Mississippi coast
You know we like to party, we love to play the host
two ladies came for blackjack
never want ‘em back

I’m talkin’ ‘bout Katrina, And her little sister Rita
They blew in and tore the house down, you don't ever want to meet 'em.
We love our women strong
But they done us wrong

Banshees howlin’ through the gulf, it’s party time again
Rich folks gettin out of town, po’ folk take it on the chin
Blackjack for Katrina
Busted New Orleans

Rita thought she’d go to Texas, they were ready for her there
So she headed for the bayou, where she cleaned the cupboards bare
Katrina’s little sister
Sho’ nuff won’t miss her

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