Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Progressives must sometimes vote for the less worse choice

Progressive Democrats like me are disappointed in many of Joe Manchin’s (running for US Senate, WV) positions, but I will be voting for Joe and working to convince him to vote the right way once he’s in the Senate. The nation can’t afford to lose a Democratic seat to another extremist Tea Party supported corporate lackey who will work to turn back the clock on every program Democrats have supported since FDR. We had our chance to have our voices heard in the primary by voting for Ken Hechler, who got 17%, a respectable minority in a right leaning state. But in the general election, every vote is needed on the Democratic side. Don’t do to the nation what voters in Florida did by voting for Nader in 2000. It could have been Gore instead of Bush but for a few thousand votes. A vote for the Mountain Party is not a vote in this election. Support Joe, but send him a letter stating your positions.  Joe may not vote our way on some issues, but Raese will not vote our way on anything. Democrats across the country have to stand together to hold back a tidal wave of backward thinking. Vote.


  1. Thank you Paul! If we would all just stop believing the media telling us that we are "so angry" and actually work together - Yes we could make a BIG difference!

  2. I'm doing it but holding my nose!

  3. Mary Lou Wiegand11/11/2010

    manchin got my vote - least restrictive alternative sort of thing...it will be hard to hide my glee at the backlash when the repubs push legislation to hike taxes and cut sacred cows, etc - and have to take the time to dig into informed decisions -both on the issues and the PROCESS of laws and changes.

    Thanks Paul - appreciate that you take the time to write columns and reach out.