Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Loss, No Worry, Savoring the Memories of Mouthwatering Meals

My 2-Day Diet Progress Week 25, April 27, 2014 
Beginning weight 11/3/13: 209 lbs.
Height 5'8" Age: 62
Goal weight: 165 lbs.
Total loss goal: 44 lbs.
Beginning waist size: 43 in.
Current waist size: 38 in.
Weight end of this week:  180 lbs.
Gain/Loss this week:   no change
Total Gain/Loss:  -29 lbs.

It's been over two weeks since I posted a 2-Day Diet update, and there's been no change in my weight. This is a great success: for 10 days I was traveling, eating many meals in restaurants, not weighing myself daily as I'm used to doing, not "trying" to lose weight--just eating, as I've learned to do, reasonable sized portions of healthy foods with a particular effort to avoid simple carbs (sugars, white flour, starchy veges, etc.). So it gives me confidence that when I’ve reached my goal, I will be able to maintain my new weight for the long term without feeling as if I’m restricting myself. The fact is, I had really amazingly delicious and satisfying meals during my vacation, including a gourmet extravaganza at a very classy restaurant in Charleston, SC called McGrady’s – a 4 course meal (during which I drank three glasses of wine). I ate every bit of the first three courses, which included polenta and lamb from the not recommended on my diet list, scallops and red snapper. I had only one bite of dessert (Rita was happy to help with that).

And today, Wednesday, the day after my birthday during which I also drank more wine than I usually allow myself and had a delicious dinner, my weight showed a loss of two pounds (this doesn’t “count”—only the weekly weigh in, Sunday morning or the next possible morning does each week).

So even though I could be disappointed by this week’s report (I first reached 180 pounds on March 16), I am satisfied and on track. My plan and hope was to reach my goal weight by sometime in August, so I am still on track. And if I don’t manage to lose more weight between now and then, I will not lose sleep over it. I feel great, I look significantly different (okay, I look great!), and while food is still an important part of my life, I now view it so differently: I look forward to my healthy meals with the anticipation that I will enjoy and savor them, not with desperation to satisfy an out of control need.


  1. Jamie Ray4/30/2014

    Yes, Uncle Paul, you look great and HEALTHY!!! So proud of you. Not only did you look good, I noticed a big difference in your energy level and attitude about food. Thanks for visiting and can't wait to see you guys again.

  2. Thanks Jamie! We look forward to a repeat visit as well. Hug those wonderful boys for me!